Arctic Blast bringing **freezing cold** to Houston and San Antonio!

Arctic Blast coming to Texas

Houston & San Antionio — brace yourself for some unusually cool and early winter weather! A storm in Alaska is spreading icy cold air down through the central and eastern US.

“Despite the moderation, freezing temperatures are possible along the upper Gulf Coast from northeast of Houston to northern Florida late next week,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Pastelok on Friday 11/07.

Don’t forget to take care of your Furnace this year so that it will take care of you. Call Golden Rule Air Conditioning for your home winter heating system maintenance.

Arctic Blast NOAA ForecastIf you are considering upgrading your central heating system, now would be a great time to call us for a proposal. You will appreciate a reliable, safe, and efficient heating system running in your home in the icy cold days to come!

Take a look at what the meterologists at ACCUWEATHER are expecting:

“The polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region. Occasionally, this pocket of very cold air can get dislodged farther south than normal, leading to cold outbreaks in Canada and the U.S.

“The coldest weather of the season so far will extend from the Dakotas to Texas and the Interstate-95 corridor by the end of the week. The outbreak of arctic air will be long-lasting and may linger well past the middle of the month.


A Great Time to Shop for your Home Air Conditioning System – Be Proactive

New Residential AC SystemAs this Summer comes to a close, friends, enjoy the beautiful fall weather! And remember that this is a great time to look at upgrading your home air conditioning system.

When it comes to replacing equipment, you are making an upgrade on several fronts: it can save you money significantly on the energy bills (especially in the most intense days of summer), it can potentially improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, and it can aesthetically just look great sitting beside your home outside.

It can be very smart to be proactive in planning for a new residential A/C system replacement by evaluating your options in the cooler seasons, rather than wait until it breaks down in the heat of summer when you are not ready.

This is a budget-friendly way to keep your family comfortable at home. Contact us today to schedule your Comfort Consultation! 281-500-7874

Making Progress

Restaurant proprietors in Sugar Land TX are watching their new building go up this summer. Golden Rule Air Conditioning & Heating is glad to be part of that process!

Sugar Land residents: Get ready for some great food in a nice cool restaurant — coming soon!

Sugar Land TX Air Conditioning

Joshua & Caleb getting the work done in Sugar Land TX. Excellent work, men!

Repair VS Replace my Air Conditioner?

When it comes to your home, you want options. Our technicians are prepared to offer their expert opinion about the condition of your system and also make you aware of your repair vs replace options. We are ready and open to talk through your options as you desire.

There are so many factors that go into a decision about investing in your home comfort system, including comfort levels (temperature AND humidity), efficiency levels, finances, and even aesthetic value.

Although we will never be the cheapest guy, we will be honest and we will deliver quality every time. We do offer budget-friendly options, and we also offer cutting-edge high-efficiency options with all the bells and whistles. You can be assured that every job we do, we stand behind 100% and we will be here for you in the long run.

Golden Rule Air Conditioning Residential Service Repair and InstallationSchedule a technician to come out to your home today for an honest review of your options. Or give us a call at 281-500-7874.


Houston Commercial AC Maintenance | San Antonio Commercial AC Maintenance

Golden Rule Air Conditioning is increasing the Air Conditioning System Efficiency and Longevity for our customers with regular service and maintenance. When you hire us to handle maintenance tasks, we send knowledgeable technicians with top-of-the-line cleaning tools to your home or business. Maximize the efficiency of your AC systems and let us help you avoid surprise break-downs.

Commercial AC Maintenance River Oaks Houston

After their first maintenance, this customer had coils that could breathe easier! Look at that Clean RTU coil!

Commercial AC Maintenance River Oaks Houston

Once that build-up is professionally removed from your AC Coils, we make sure to clean around the unit.

Commercial AC Maintenance River Oaks Houston

We wont leave your roof a mess either. Golden Rule goes the extra mile.

57 TONS of Air Conditioning installed in Houston:

Golden Rule installed 57 tons of Air Conditioning in Houston yesterday. Great job, team! We are pleased to see Graebel Houston Movers benefit from our services today.

“Just wanted you to know that the crew is finished and all AC units are operational.  They have completed what appeared to me to be a monumental task.  Honestly I didn’t think it could be done.  Well it did get completed and we are all very impressed with your men’s performance.

Thank you for the crew and exceptional service.”

~Assistant General Manager

Commercial AC RTU Package Unit Installation Replacement and Service  | Houston TX | River Oaks | San Antonio | Alamo Heights

Installing 57 Tons of AC in Houston TX

Commercial AC RTU Package Unit Installation Replacement and Service  | Houston TX | River Oaks | San Antonio | Alamo Heights

Out with the old…

Commercial AC RTU Package Unit Installation Replacement and Service  | Houston TX | River Oaks | San Antonio | Alamo Heights

In with the new.

Commercial AC RTU Package Unit Installation Replacement and Service  | Houston TX | River Oaks | San Antonio | Alamo Heights

Golden Rule keeping business cool in Houston TX

New Construction Project — Mechanical AC Contractor Houston & San Antonio

We design and install air conditioning systems for all levels of New Construction, including Residential, Light Commercial, Water-cooled / Reciprocating Chillers, and specialty high-efficiency systems at the cutting edge of Air Conditioning technology.

We make your job easier as a General Contractor by staying in regular communication with the project manager(s), working with the other trades, working with change orders and re-designs as you desire, and making sure to take care of the permitting to keep you on schedule.

Golden Rule Houston technicians review the mechanical plans for a current New Construction project in Katy TX:

Project meeting for a current New Construction job

Project meeting for a current New Construction job

It is freezing out there –literally!

Texans don’t get a chance to use their furnaces very often, but there has certainly been plenty of opportunity this week! Houston has closed major highways because of the freezing on the roads. (Be careful out there!)

How is your furnace holding up this winter? Call Golden Rule Air Condtioning & Heating for a furnace check-up in Houston TX.

gr-frozen gr-frozen2 gr-frozen3

New Addition to the Fleet!

I am excited to announce that Golden Rule Air Conditioning in Houston TX has added to the fleet this winter! We will have one more Golden Rule van available to serve your home and business in 2014.

Air Conditioning Service Pearland TX | Air Conditioning Service River Oaks in Houston TX

Another service van in Houston TX. We can’t wait to see it in the Golden Rule colors!